About the artist

Deanna Chafin began creating modern abstract art in 1997. She started with watercolors, moving on to fluid acrylics and then heavy bodied paints. With each concept and painting she creates, a new medium is imagined. Whether it’s a traditional media or found objects, Chafin explores and creates informal abstracts almost exclusively.

Chafin was raised in St. Louis, Mo., and currently lives in Webster Groves. She gathers inspiration from the world around her, feelings and emotions she encounters on a day-to-day basis and from her passions and interests.

A long-timer admirer of abstract expressionist painters, such as Pollock, Gorky and Rothko, Chafin has developed her own style by creating vivid works that attract discerning buyers the world over.

Chafin has sold her paintings to collectors in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Galleries and shows vie for her work. Chafin’s paintings have been published in art books, magazines and a collective of art publications over the years. She regularly displays her work in the St. Louis area amongst galleries and businesses — and her work hangs in galleries in neighboring states.

Chafin lives with her husband and son. Her interests include music, social justice, reproductive justice, and encouraging young artists to use their own passion to create works of art. After spending nearly 20 years as an educator working with children and families with special needs, Chafin now devotes her time to the studio creating new pieces. She is very civic-minded and volunteers for several non-profit charities. Chafin holds a B.A. from Webster University.

- written by editor/writer/publisher, Joey Mechelle Stenner





 Artist's statement

My abstract paintings are creations from my mind and mood.  I am passionate about my work and thoroughly enjoy time spent working in the studio as well as outdoors.  From preparing canvases to the final stroke, each piece is intentional and has special meaning to me.  Each abstraction is a result of my imagination and therefore allows the viewer to free-associate.

Process: My process is ever changing and it is often through experimentation that I find my most intense works are created.  Unique colors are produced by mixing paints directly on the canvas.  Palette knives, the end of a brush, sand, molding paste, bubble wrap and paper as well as thick layers of paint give my works their textures.

Sharing my work with others has been a wonderful, therapeutic experience.  Hearing from collectors who have purchased one of my paintings and learning how my work has added enjoyment to their life is the greatest gift.


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